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Serving The Community


It has been an honor to have served the people of Milpitas as former School Board Trustee, City Council member and Vice Mayor. I will continue to serve our community.

As a longtime resident of Milpitas, I have over 26 years of progressive leadership and a strong community service record.  I’m an active advocate and have championed many just causes. 

While on the city council I advocated for our school crossing guards 10 year overdue raise.  I created an arts ordinance requiring Developers to place art in new developments. Ended the practice of the city over charging the nonprofit Food Pantry, who serve the elderly, veterans and the disadvantaged in Milpitas.  Had the streets repaved in one of our older neighborhoods which was 30 years overdue, and established two Family Resource Centers.

My commitment is to be fiscally responsible while maintaining the quality of life for our families; by ensuring continued prompt fire and police response times, that our streets are maintained, parks and recreation for families, traffic relief, and job development. I want Milpitas to continue being the best and safest city to raise a family. 

Stuck in Traffic…

One of my priorities is to alleviate traffic congestion... How?

• Create a Traffic Circulation Commission to find solutions

• Provide shuttle services for seniors and the disabled

• Work with Legislators to find regional traffic solutions

• Advocate for another High School in Milpitas, reopen

Samuel Ayer High School

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